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Literature survey is background work that is made in groups as a part of the assignment. It is based on books and academic publications. The topics of literature surveys are selected so that they support the assignment.

NOTICE! Even though the literature survey is a group work, every student must contribute a part to the survey. The name of the author must be written in the beginning of the part he or she has contributed.

The main goal of a literature survey is to gather a basis for the practical work and to show that the student is familiar with existing literature and research on the topic. It is crucial to be familiar with the field, i.e. the concepts, methods and their applications, in order to be able to apply them correctly in one's own assignment. The literature survey will give the context and rationale of your work to you and your readers.

Example of the content of a literature survey


Important! When writing a literature survey, remember that it will be part of your assignment documentation. Write it keeping in mind the wholeness of how you will write the final report.

It is not necessary to directly follow the previous example. Please do apply it according to your topic! However, if you decide to deviate from these guidelines, consider what you are doing thoroughly - these guidelines are found to be a best practice.

Additional information about technical writing can be found from the library. You can also ask for more guidance.

Please notice also!

Guidelines for presenting the survey

Use this word template for the documentation. The documents will be processed into a seminar publication.

Please also review the presentation guidelines for general tips about presentations.

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